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Join us in exploring Israel and Palestine, ancient centres of civilisation ‒ rich in history, outstanding beauty, and cross-cultural influences. Our unique issue-based group tours enable participants to meet local people, witness life from a range perspectives, and to benefit from expert analysis on the ever-changing political and social scene.

Experience Travel Tours welcomes participants from across the globe.

The Galilee region

The Galilee region

Judean Desert

Judean Desert


“It was an unforgettable trip and has re-awakened my passion for getting involved in further action.  It fitted in very well with my international peace studies course.” C de Jongh, Dublin, Ireland – Spring 2017

“There is no substitute for direct experience: one can know as a matter of fact that ‘human rights violations’ are happening, but it is altogether different to see the faces of the human beings they are happening to. The quality of the tour was extremely high.”                                                                             D Black, London, England – Spring 2016

“This tour, composed largely of close encounters with Israelis and Palestinians, penetrates the surface of Israel/Palestine, revealing realities ignored by the mainstream media. Participating in it has been one of the most valuable experiences of my 71 years.”                                                    J Garrett, Coventry, England, Autumn 2015

“I thought the itinerary was exceptionally well chosen and organized. It was worth every penny.”                                                              J Doerfler, New York, USA, Autumn 2014

“I knew the tour was going to be intensive. The organisation was superb, with all the elements sliding into place apparently effortlessly, allowing me to concentrate on absorbing the rich and varied experience on offer without any hassle. A first-class and extremely well balanced trip.” M Coldicott, Fresham, England, Autumn 2013

 “The tour schedule was put together brilliantly and with deep insight. There were opportunities for us to meet a number of Palestinians and support agencies, from which one could begin to understand something of the terrible reality of the Occupation. Interwoven were informative talks, advice, debriefing and discussion sessions, and meetings with Israelis involved in the resistance struggles. Plus downtime in Palestinian cultural settings. The tour was sensitive, eclectic and powerful. An entirely unique experience. Thank you so much.” J Granville, Brighton, England, Autumn 2013

 “This tour is transformational. It is essential for those who wish to gain a deep and authentic understanding of what is actually happening in the Palestinian Occupied Territories and to act as ambassadors for developing real peace and justice in this region. It is also an opportunity to witness individuals demonstrate outstanding resilience and courage in the face of extreme constraints and harshness. I cannot recommend this tour enough.” Dr P de Zulueta, London, England, Autumn  2011

 “There is no place more important; no issue more important and no better way to learn the facts than that provided by this trip.” M Hulett, Chapel Hill, USA, Autumn 2010

 “All the photos, the reports, and the speeches one receives on this situation, become wallpaper against the reality coming from the evidence of one’s eyes and the words of real, resilient people from both communities.” G Ettle, Walton on Thames, England, Spring 2010

“Our leader’s incredible energy, compassion, organisation, respect and commitment to the cause was inspiring – she seems so enthusiastic – not one bit jaded after so many tours!” M Robbins, Midhurst, England, Spring 2010


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